Why Choose TDCo.

We understand the common problems businesses have when taking on Website services. For that reason we are different in our approach to customer service and the product and service we deliver.

The common problems we solved for business owners are:

  • Many business owners who choose to go with a website companies, soon discover that they pay monthly and own nothing.—Not with us.  When you work with us you have a choice to own a website or simple be on a monthly program.
  • If you choose to build you a website, you own it. The site and the domain are your property, which can be easily transferred to you upon request.  For convenience and maintenance, it sits on our servers, while you work with our company.
  • You can also choose to go on a monthly program where you have very small investment to get you started and enjoy all the features and benefits of a fully functioning website.
  • Most business owners don’t have the time to maintain and update a website. – With our business focused plans you won’t have too. We do all the maintenance, changes and development so you don’t have too.
  • Branding and printing services. – With The Design Company, you can take advantage of your sites new look and feel by incorporating the branding aspects of the site into your print material, like business cards and promotional flyers. While driving traffic to your site you are also branding your business, taking advantage of our low printing rates will greatly increase the effect of the brand you’re building and increase your web site’s effectiveness.