TDCo. Mission Statement

The Design Companies approach to business website solutions is one of options and innovation. We understand that small business websites, in particular have been neglected.  We have created a solution to this by creating an integrated solution for business owners.

We’ve created solutions to the biggest challenges we see small business have with websites and combined it into an easy to understand and affordable solution that can create additional name recognition and can also increase local and global business.

What are those challenges?

  1. The First challenge we addressed was the content of the website. We know it can be challenging to fill a website with motivating content that can do two things. Motivate and trigger an action, from the reader. For that reason our creative team works with the website owner to put together content that can accomplish the goal of the site, more visits and increased business, with a visually appealing layout for the site owner.
  2. The Second challenge we addressed was that of affordability of the site. Most affordable solutions to websites require you, the site owner to fill the pages with content, leaving you with hours of writing and rewriting of the content for the pages. Additionally page layouts are limited to two or three templates to choose from. Custom website building can be costly. Our solution to this is a variety of semi customized templates as options. This allows the site owner more flexibility than they had before when shopping for a site on a budget. This in turn allows the website owner to achieve a much closer vision of their website while keeping affordability in mind. We understand your main objective is to work on your business, not on your site.
  3. The Third challenge we addressed was the maintenance of the site. Updating information and changing images is no longer a problem. When you become a client of The Design Company, we take all the maintenance off your hand and create a seamless solution for content management and updates. The site owner doesn’t have to learn anything about computers or management of content. We take care of all that.

So what does this all mean?

Simply put, that you’ll have an appealing professionally built site with no additional work from you at an industry leading affordable price.

We’ve created more options, more built in services to your site with less involvement to build and maintain the site yourself.

You already have a business to run. Why run a website?