Benefits of a Website

Consumers, everyday are more internet savvy. Businesses who are in line with the consumer changes are going to…

    • Capture a higher percentage of the business
    • Build relationships with visitors
    • Build trust with their consumer
    • Provide quality information
    • Give a professional appearance

All of these are important factors to capturing more business!

Below are the most Powerful Reason why every business should have a website.

1. Ad space

Have you had to compromise with what your print add will say? At times it’s difficult to paint a picture of your services or the value you bring in a short print ad. The benefit of having a website is unlimited space for the message you want to give. Be it your services or a special promotion you’re running, events or a simple map of your location a website provides you with much more to work with. What can you add? Just about anything you feel could increase your business and motivate your visitor to do business with you.

2. Available 24/7

Another advantage is that your website is working 24 hours per day, even while you’re closed for the day or not available to take a call. One of our suggestions to our clients is to encourage callers to visit their website, when the call is missed, for information while they receive a call back. If it’s something simple, for example hours of operation the answers are on your site, while at the same time giving a picture of your business and professionalism.

3. Quick and Easy to update

Website are much easier to update and correct than print or promotional materials. A website easily allows you to update your clients with hours of operation, products and/or services, your location(s), staff and phone number. Print material is very powerful but much more costly to update or replace.

4. Websites add credibility

A benefit of having a professionally designed website is the credibility it builds for a business. It’s a well known fact, that 50% of consumers start their search online for just about anything, and those numbers are expected to go up as more consumers embrace the ease of finding information online along with the accessibility of an internet connection. Most mobile phones now are also web ready. Literally the information is in the palm of their hand. Right where you want to be!

Having a website, regardless of how young or established a business is ads credibility and a sense of stability. This is especially important for businesses that don’t operate from a store front. It reassures the consumer of the legitimacy of the business.

5. Word-of-mouth advertising made simple

In our experience, word of mouth advertising has been far more valuable than the marketing efforts. For that reason a website is an easy way for your clients to share your information with their friends and family. This is too often overlooked. A business card is easily lost but virtual Real Estate is there to stay, making your web address easier to share via an email or phone conversation.

6. Adds value to your services or products sold

You can easily post information for costumers and potential customers on how to care for products they purchased from you as well as related services, facts, tips or mistakes to avoid. All valuable information that can be easily accessed online, with no printing cost, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to add value to your relationship.

7. Stand out from your competition

As mentioned above, consumers use the internet to research just about everything from schools to makeup and architects. If your competitors have a website being promoted on all their promotional material, their planting seeds for future business with every visitor they get.